Nobumichi Asai

Nobumichi Asai
Nobumichi Asai has used projection mapping to put CGI onto cars, docks, buildings and more. His latest canvas? A real, live human face.

Nobumichi Asai
Asai used Omote, a combination of real-time face tracking and projection mapping to transform a model’s face into mesmerizing patterns.
Asai got the idea from Noh masks in how to make them. First he had to create a surface to cover that makes it possible to accurately represent a theme by very delicate make-up art as it’s output was important. Starting from the fact that it is 3D Laser scanning the face of the model fist. The data from the 3D laser scanning becomes a point cloud through the process of mesh. You could also output the mock-up in order to test the tracking and projection.

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter
Some previous work:

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